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Technical Infomation

Sculpting designing the products
Foundry image motorcycle products casting metal

The artist's vision begins with a concept drawing.  An armature is built and clay is layered upon it. Clay is added or subtracted until the correct proportions are achieved.  Slowly with steady hands details emerge. 

Stainless steel melts at 2750°F.  It is the alloy of choice for it's outstanding combination of high strength, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

When high polished to a mirror finish, stainless steel looks better and is a more durable finish than chrome plating. A layer of black patina is hand rubbed into the recesses to bring out sculpted details. 

When the master is completed a mold is made.  A wax replica is made for each and every part to be cast.  The age old method of lost wax casting had been employed for over 6,000 years.   Each part is cast as one solid part with no welding.

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